Musical Theatre for Children

This remarkable musical theatre for children project continues the tradition of such historical pieces for children as Camille Saint-Saëns’ The Carnival of the Animals, Sergey Prokofiev’s Peter and the Wolf or Maurice Ravel’s The Child and the Enchantments. The music not only complements the semantic meaning of words and explains the stories, but also stimulates the children’s fantasy. Thanks to this exceptional blend of sounds – the voice of the storyteller and electroacoustic music – children’s imagination can float along with the stories’ plot.
At The Sound Told Fairy Tales performances everything is to listen and it is indeed possible to see with ears.

This performance is available in English, French and Portuguese.


Miguel Azguime
O Gato das Botas - 2009
text by Charles Perrault (Le Chat Botté)

João Madureira
Toc, Toc, Toc - 2009
text by Hélia Correia

Pedro Rebelo
Quando Eu Nasci - 2011

text by Isabel Minhós Martins